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Taking part in the European Space Agency's Parabolic Flight Campaign 2021

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Low Earth Orbit negligible impact Drag Augmentation Systems

The LEOniDAS team is comprised of masters and doctoral students from Ireland, Spain, Canada and Italy, currently studying at Cranfield University, passionate about the remediation of the growing and concerning issue of space debris. We aim to aid in the further development of the Cranfield drag sail family, including a more scalable and adaptable design. Through the European Space Agency Fly Your Thesis! programme, the team will have access to a series of parabolic flights. On-board Novespace's A310 ZERO-G platform, the team will have multiple deployment opportunities to qualify new designs and observe the deployment process in a similar environment to in-orbit conditions.

Meet The Team

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Role: Microgravity & Ground Testing
Studies: MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering

Research Interests: Flight Test Engineering, Space Exploration, Clean Space, Hypersonic & Suborbital Flights
Hobbies: Scuba Diving, Skiing, Basketball and Travelling

Marco Rigamonti


Role: Team Lead
Studies: PhD in Aerospace

Research Interests: Space Debris Mitigation, Engineering, Material Science, Clean Space, Space Exploration
Hobbies: Outdoor sports, video games, photography and food (it counts as a hobby!)

Zaria Serfontein

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Gonzalo Temprano

Role: Flight Model Design
Studies: MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering
Research Interests: Space Accessibility, ISRU Technology, Clean Space and Spacecraft Operations 
Hobbies: Motorbike restoration and competition, basketball and watching SpaceX rockets explode

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Edouard Demers

Role: Microgravity Test Setup Design
Studies: MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering
Research Interests: Space Exploration, Earth Observation, Clean Space and Spacecraft Testing & Operations 
Hobbies: Soccer, Skiing, Mountain Hiking and Skydiving

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Countdown until parabolic flights


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